Romancing the Customer

Romancing the Customer is something we all do to some degree. Whether that is in the form of taking a Customer out to lunch to scope the new project on hand or be proactive and strategise for the future. Some of you may think of romancing the Customer as keeping things “sweet” with the customer, or keeping the customer on your “side”. If you can relate to this in the remotest form, then you have arrived at the right place and at the right time to read what I have to say.

Wider Issues
Globalisation, economic crisis in the USA (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae fall as much as 50% in the stock value today), the UK housing market reported drop of 6% in house prices, the credit crunch in the UK continues, oil, basic food, and utility prices sore, we have entered a recession period and yet life must go on. In these challenging times those that build solid relationships upstream and downstream in their supply chain will stand a chance to survive albeit the profit margins are strangulated.

What is this Blog post about?
I believe I am fortunate to have met Angi Egan, Owner of Pure Vision UK. She is a specialist in how one may “romance one’s customer” and get the most out of one’s Customer. This is something we can all learn from in these challenging economic times. Angi Egan, specialises in “Client Journey, Brand, Service excellence, romancing the Customer, seducing the senses, coaching programmes, workshops, and keynotes that are delivered at conferences. She is a member of the Professional Speakers Association, BNI, and Scary! Women.

Creating loyal customers who rave about your business demands commitment, laser-like focus and a fanatical obsession with customer expectations.Right now, meeting & exceeding expectations matters more than ever. Businesses need to stop assuming they know what Customers want – ASK!Perceived indifference, or being taken for granted, is the killer for most relationships. Our familiarity dictates that we stop assuming and start asking. Resurrect the notion of romance and you’ll automatically become obsessed with finding out what floats the boat of your Customers.Angi Egan Pure Vision UK (2008)