SMS text and chat shorthand and their meanings explained

For all those new to sms text shorthand and online chat; here is a handy little list of phrases and emotes, that is used as shorthand. Hope these are useful πŸ˜‰

lol – laugh(ing) out loud/laugh on line/lots of laughs

brb – be right back/bathroom break

gtg/g2g – got to go

l8r or cul8r – (see you) later

lmao – laugh(ing) my ass/arse off.

rofl – rolling on floor laughing

sry – sorry

cya or cu – see you

ty – thank you

gg/gj – good game/good job

ttyl – talk to you later

bbl – be back later

thx – thanks

ihm – i hate myself

wombat – Waste of Money, Brains, and Time

n00b – A inexperienced and/or ignorant or unskilled person. Especially
used in computer games.

Emotes πŸ™‚ or πŸ™‚ = smile or laugh out loud

πŸ˜€ or πŸ˜€ = Roll on floor laughing or LMAO

πŸ˜› = Stick tongue out or cheeky comment

πŸ™ or πŸ™ = Sad or unhappy

^ ^ or ^__^ or ^^ an emoticon signifying happiness, especially used by
anime fans. “Chuckle marks”

>_< or >< an emoticon signifying frustration or embarrassment

>_> an emoticon used to indicate sarcasm or suspicion, sometimes used
with <_< to indicate shifty eyes

:O Used to express surprise or a sarcastic display of surprise.

:/ Used to express indifference.

:o) Used to express forum users who are ignorant and vain.

>:( Used to express strong anger or discontent.

>:D Used to express malicious joy.

>:) Used to express malicious contentment.

-__- disgusted, annoyed, etc.

^o^ laughing, cheerful, joyous, similar to ^^

^^__^^ Angel

(^_^) Happy face

[*_*] Scared, in awe