Flash is not SEO Friendly – Think Again!

I do not work for Moonfruit nor am I affiliated in any way financial or non-financial with Moonfruit. I have a Client that uses Moonfruit for whom I am managing SEO. I have investigated into this matter fully and the following is my professional opinion and fact which I can prove with evidential findings:

It is true that content within a flash file cannot be indexed by Googlebot or Yahoo Slurp. However Moonfruit has overcome this issue in its entirety.

Although viewing a Moonfruit site via a desktop web browser displays a flash website; when a search engine looks at the site a HTML version is presented. Therefore there is no need to remove the flash.

If a user visiting a Moonfruit site does not have flash installed they are presented with the HTML version of the site and as such are mobile / iPhone friendly.

So, well done Moonfruit developers!



  • Sounds like a good solution. I’d be curious to know how often Flash is still used on new sites. From what I’ve seen personally, there isn’t a lot that you can do with Flash that can’t be done with some clever HTML5 stuff, which in theory should be fully readable by the search engine bots.
    I think in fact that you can export Flash content directly into HTML5 straight from the Adobe apps, I think they might have realised that the end is nigh for Flash-based websites.

    • robabdul

      Since HTML5 the writing has been on the wall for Flash. Historically the biggest downfall to flash was that it was not accessible. Yes you’re right that also made it not friendly to Search engines.

  • I have had a flash site for years and ranking for my main keywords on the 1st page of google search. Although I am no longer designing clients sites with flash, yet I am happy and leaving my site up since it is performing well.

    • robabdul

      Interesting Sean. Perhaps you’ve had the domain for a number of years so it maybe a domain age thing or perhaps your keyword is part of your domain or it is linked well. What is the domain Sean?