Saxx and the City Chic – Droitwich Spa Music Festival & Arts 2009

Samantha (beautiful Sammy), Kate and Terry Spencer organised this charity event to support Acorn’s Children’s Hospice.

The event “Saxx and the City Chic” was held at the infamous St Andrews town hotel. This contemporary Georgian townhouse is privately owned and is located within a few minutes walk of the town centre of Droitwich Spa. I’ve taken some pictures that I do not think do justice to the place. However it will give you an inkling of its beauty.

The 7th of July was my first visit to the town of Droitwich Spa. Some of you may have seen Droitwich Spa hitting the national headlines during the floods of 2007. It was pointed out to me by Kate, the parts of the high street that were under water at the time. I’ve always wondered about how businesses and people recover from such devastation. I suppose this says a lot about the close-nit community and how well the local council Wychavon District Council are at their office.

We were served a luxurious three course meal. Entertainment was provided by Sam and the beautiful Laura, who got people on the feet with their blend of music.

Sam is an amazingly gifted young man, he not only sings, but also is a fantastic saxophone player to name but two attributes. Laura has a very strong and distinctive vocal range.

Sammy is an extraordinary fifteen year-old. She has achieved so much at such a tender age. Kate her mother showed me a folder 3 inches high full of voluntary work, Sammy caries out.

All-in-all it was a wonderful experience.