Gaza: Is this a war on children? #FreePalestine

Israel can kill men, women and children in plain view in the entire world with no consequence to them.

They themselves have been systematically murdered and ethnically cleansed. It is not ironic that Israel are doing to the Palestinian Arabs what the Third Reich Nazi Germany did to them in World War II.

The Gaza strip is an open prison with the average age of 17. Most are under 10 years old (according to Channel 4 News). Palestinians want for the blockades to be lifted in the peace agreement. Israel is systematically starving out the Palestinian Arabs. The reason they get away with it is because, they have powerful lobbying power in the US and friends in Whitehall. Israel have the Iron dome crusty of Uncle Sam.

Ed Miliband accuses David Cameron of getting it ‘wrong’ on Gaza

We need to do our own blockade. Send the supporters of Israel “the child killer supporters” a message where it matters. They’re bottom line. Do not buy their products and finance this war.

1) Boycott of Israeli products

2) Meet with your local MP and ask him or her what they are doing in Parliament as the British Government have responsibilities towards the deeds of Israel.

Post World War 1 the British planned the unrest in the middle-east as part of the subversion efforts the breakup of the then Ottaman / Turkish Empire. Turkey was an ally to Germany. Germany tried to stirrup Jihad in the Muslim world. So the 300 Muslims do not unite the British realising this post world war one, carved up the middle-east and caused the displacement in Palestine with the arrival of the Jewish people. Arabs were sold the dream of having their independence so they rise up and fight internally. A pattern that has repeated in Iraq, & Syria. Divide and rule and subversion. So speak to your local MP and ask what their going to do about this.

3) Help the charities Interpal,  “Save the Children UK” and the “British Red cross” who are doing all they can on the ground. I’m doing my but to help “Save the Children UK” get their petition signed to the UN Security General.

4) Facebook is a closed system. Take to twitter and use the hashtag #FreePalestine if I’m not already following you on twitter follow @robabdul so I can follow you back.