ADSL Frequently Asked Questions

What are microfilters?
Microfilters are small devices you install on your phone line between the phone and the wall connection to block electrical noises. Without microfilters, you may hear noise from the ADSL connection when talking on your phone. Ensure that you have plugged your modem in the correct socket on the micro filter otherwise it will not work and may be damaged.

How do I install the ADSL Router?
The best way to install the router is to follow the process on the paper quick start guide included with your product or on the CD.

Do I need a special Internet browser?
No. You can use most Internet browsers, such as Netscape Navigator* or Microsoft Internet Explorer*. Internet Explorer is provided on the installation CD.

Can I access my e-mail account over the Internet?
Web-based e-mail accounts,(e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo mail, and Talk21) are unaffected by the use of Broadband. Pop3 e-mail provided by an ISP may encounter problems if your ISP has chosen not to implement the necessary authentication protocols. Your ISP mail may be suspended if you cancel your contract with your ISP.

What services do I need?
To connect to the Internet, your ADSL Broadband service must be activated on your telephone line.

When can I install my ADSL Router?
You can install your modem at any time, however you will only be able to use your Broadband connection from the activation date you were given by your Service Provider.

What might affect the performance of my ADSL or telephony?
There are a few things that may affect the performance:

The ADSL Microfilters. Make sure you use good quality microfilters.
Old or incorrect extension wiring.
Old or some low quality telephones.
Can I use my activated ADSL line without Microfilters
Your ADSL Microfilters guarantee that your phone line and Broadband service do not interfere and should therefore be used all the time.

Can I access ADSL Broadband services using any modem/router?
ADSL Broadband services requires the use of an ADSL modem/router. This is different to other types of modem analogue modems and ISDN Terminal Adapter/PC cards, they will not work.

How many telephony devices can I have on my line?
Each telephony device has a REN (Ringing Equivalent Number) value, which should be shown on the underside of the device. The line will support a total REN of 4.

Is the bandwidth capacity of ADSL Broadband guaranteed?
No, ADSL provides variable bandwidth the capacity you receive is dependent upon the capacity available and will be shared by other users..

Wireless Frequently Asked Questions
How do I secure my wireless network?
See here for instructions

How many computers can I connect to the Base Unit?
In theory up to 250 computers can be connected to the Base Unit (wired or wireless). However, all these computers would have to share the broadband line and would experience poor download speeds. Depending upon actual traffic generated by each computer, up to 10 should give you an acceptable Internet experience.

Can I connect computers to the wired network sockets and the wireless network at the same time?

If my neighbour has a similar product, will there be any interference?
Not unless both heavily surfing at the same time. You can change the operating channel if you are experiencing serious interference.

Can anyone “listen in” to my data or connect to my base station?
Not if you take precautions and secure your wireless network: see Wireless Security

Can I share files and printers between computers connected to the base station?
Yes. All computer should be visible in Network Neighbourhood / My Network Places.